Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starbucks Texting

Leonora LaPeter Anton wrote an article for this past Sunday's St. Petersburg Times that shares her reflections on the usage of media devices in that famed "third place," Starbucks.

She envisions the coffee shop - and its 12,000 nodes spread worldwide - as it might be seen if we could peer further into the electromagnetic spectrum: a lightning-flashed matrix of tweets, IMs, chats, and calls. "If we could see all of this happen," she says, "places like Starbucks would glow like fireworks."

The author then cites numbers from The Wireless Association stating that Americans text 343 texts per month (almost triple the average three years ago). This average, she notes, does not account for those super-texters who make the headlines with their 35,000 monthly texts.

Here's the cool part of the story: I see this activity - particularly those SJSU students wandering the sidewalks with heads down, tapping away - and wonder: What on earth are they writing? This article offers some tasty examples, and some sad ones too.

Check it out: What's brewing at Starbucks? A peek into the subtext behind the text of our lives

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