Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walking, No Talking

While I was waiting for the bus yesterday, I saw a guy and a girl in their early twenties walking on the sidewalk toward me. The girl was wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and the guy was wearing a slightly hip cut of jeans. From their proximity to each other, I could tell they are a couple.

They weren't talking to each other.

The guy was thumbing a mobile phone, sending a text. His eyes were cast downward, staring at the device. The girl occasionally looked his way but, finding a vacuum, cast her eyes to her left, upward, across the street, seeking something to catch her gaze.

I see things like this all the time, and I want to take pictures. That's a goal of mine, to get some interesting snaps of people texting in public or interpersonal settings. I don't know why, but there's something both sad and poignant about these scenes. I want to photograph them.

I just need to work up the courage to take that shot.

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Lynnae said...

Amen brother... sorry to dredge up the old posts, but I have to comment here. If you want to see this a lot hang out around kids. I see teen and preteen girls all the time walking together talking on cellphones to other people or texting. It's very sad. It reminds me of the old song "love the one your with"...or at least talk to them!