Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ten wonderful sounds

Here are ten sounds I love to hear:

The deep sighing of my cat, Artemis, when she's napping comfortably on my lap

The echo of a concert in the park near our house on a warm summer day

The laughter of children playing in the day care center on campus

The whistle of wind on a lonely prairie alongside Route 66 in the Texas panhandle

The patter of rain against the window on a Saturday night

The buzz of conversation just before the beginning of class

The soft thuds of snow on a vast field in wintertime

The silence after a car alarm has finally been shut off

The thrumming of a UPS truck carrying a long-awaited package

The cheery hello from an old friend across a hotel lobby

What sounds are most lovely to you?


detroit dog said...

-Crickets at night
-Friday night football games and band at the high school a few blocks from here -- drifting over the air to my neighborhood
-My husband and the dog snoring
-The sound of the trains a couple of miles west of here (at night)
-The sound of the boat foghorns off the river about two miles east of here (at night)

Guess I like night time sounds the best.

Cool post.

Sarah said...

ooo, I agree on many of those. I love the sound of rain. And waves. I guess I just like water. =)

Totally nerdy hockey fan thing, but I love the sound of skate blades on ice. In a game is good, but a solo skater in an empty rink, where the scrapping kind of echoes, is awesome.