Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiny Town: Queens Museum

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's post on tiny towns:

After reading yesterday's post, Michael Blauvelt shared a link to Anne Barnard's New York Times article about the "tiny town" at Queens Museum of Art. For those of you who haven't visited this site, I can attest: This is the coolest tiny town in the nation. Here's a snip from Barnard's article:
"The museum’s most famous asset is its 9,335-square-foot scale model of New York City, originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair. The Panorama of the City of New York has 895,000 structures, replicating every street, bridge and skyscraper in the five boroughs."
The model has not been updated since 1992. So, yes, the Twin Towers still stand. But now Queens Museum has proposed a clever way to update the buildings and make a little money too. According to Barnard, the museum is allowing folks to "own" apartments for $50 and single family houses for $250. Thereafter, City College architecture students will use those funds to start updating buildings at the site.

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