Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Europe 2012: Day 1 (Düsseldorf)

Arrived in Düsseldorf, got cab to Hotel Ashley's Garden, and slept for an hour or so (outside, it was mid-afternoon, but my body was sure it was 2 a.m.). Couldn't wait long, though, so I took a walk along the the Rheine to the Altstadt. Such a lovely afternoon, with folks sleeping and reading on the tall grass. I looked for some street art, but was mostly entranced by statues of - just regular folks.

A mom holding her child, a guy carrying a briefcase to work, another guy heading for the beach. I hope to learn more about these artworks. Toured some local biers and set down for some al fresco bratwurst at Ham Ham bei Josef. Figured I'd have no problem getting back (just follow the Rheine, right?) but I ended up taking an impromptu journey across town. Zigzag'd my way back on local trams and somehow picked up a bottle of Tormore 12 year single malt along the way. Finally got back to my room and crashed. Today I'm heading to Weimar, getting ready for my keynote.

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