Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Europe 2012: Day 2 (Düsseldorf to Weimar)

Leisurely morning, lounging on white sheets with the window open to cool breeze. After yesterday's redeye flight and meandering tour of Dusseldorf, I was happy let my body catch up the local timezone. Eventually I hopped a cab to the train station, tossed my travel stuff in a locker, and wondered around a bit more. Even downtown, there is so much green space, so many people riding bikes, and such a sense of calm and relaxation. I even found some OK street art, only to learn on the train out of town that I'd missed the really good stuff - colorful, building-sized murals - between the station and the airport. Five hours later I arrived in Weimar. Lovely walk on cobblestone roads, pizza and cola-weizen on a platz, and a relaxing bath back at the hotel. Tomorrow's the keynote!

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