Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Europe 2012: Day 8 (Salzburg)

Thank goodness for pain meds. The stuff I got yesterday has really worked to take the edge off. I still have to walk carefully, though, as pulling my calf the wrong way brings on the hurt. Otherwise I'm feeling much better. And here's the amazing part: While I walk like I'm stepping on hot coals, I can bike without even the slightest twinge.

Sick of staying in the Schloss, and hungry, I therefore hit the road on a rental and had a wonderful morning and early afternoon. I dropped by a nearby Billa for some grapefruit Stiegl-Radler and other necessities, grabbed some pizza at some swell chalet-looking place on the edge of the Altstadt, and then joined the other bikers picking meandering paths through town. Feeling so fine, I found a table on the upper deck at Café Tomaselli - and sampled a luscious tort and fine Austrian coffee. I kept waiting for my leg to act up, but as long as I was riding, my body said, "proceed!"

Now I'm back, elevating the calf and relaxing. I'm still hoping to go gently while walking, but, WOW, did that bike ride feel good. In terms of mobility, I'm going slow, but I'm still going. Yeah, I'm feeling nothing but gratitude today. Best of all, Jenny and the SJSU Salzburg crew are scheduled to arrive this evening. Can't wait to see 'em and get this adventure really started!

SJSU Salzburg Scholars (photo by Bill Reckmeyer)

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