Thursday, May 24, 2012

Europe 2012: Day 3 (Weimar)

At last! After months of planning, practice, and stress, my Weimar keynote is history. It's been an amazing day, beginning with an early-morning trek through town, crashing until mid-afternoon, some rushed last-minute practice, hearing speeches in French and sharing conversation that'd drift from to English to German and Scottish, and presenting my little opus (Yuck. that suddenly sounds kinda gross). I'm thrilled and relieved that the speech went well. I knew when a largely German audience laughed at my jokes that I'd survive this thing. Then we went to a lovely dinner in a tiny garden restaurant. Much bier and conversation ensued. Hours later I'm massively jet-lagged, and I don't care. Two more days at the conference (including a post-conference 'debate' in which I'm a participant) - then it's off to Munich and Salzburg!

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