Saturday, May 26, 2012

Europe 2012: Day 5 (Munich)

Terrific day in Weimar! Getting a chance to help wrap things up, I joined two other folks to present a 'debate' on the proceedings. (Actually, their notion of debate is really a more of a 'response'). I was honored to have a chance to help conclude our adventures together. Many emails and FB handles were exchanged, and I feel like I made some good friends here. Afterward I rented a bike and really got to know this town. It took an hour for me to get used to riding in the streets with cars, but eventually I stopped stressing and just grooved on the cool breeze.Then it was time for bratwurst and some insane ice cream. Tomorrow I get to sleep in at last. Then it's time to pack and catch the train for Munich. Looking forward to greeting the SJSU Salzburg crew in a couple days. Most of all, I can't wait to see Jenny!

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