Thursday, February 21, 2008

El Vado Update - February 2008

In the Albuquerque Tribune, Carrie Seidman updates efforts to save the El Vado Motel. The article emphasizes the cost, complexity, and range of unknown factors that continue to slow efforts to transform the Route 66 icon from empty "investment property" to a revitalized "destination motel," or, at least, a mixed-use iteration that maintains some semblance of the El Vado aura as a hybrid of motel and museum (for example). Here's a snip:
"Sometimes you just can't convert it to what it was, but you can preserve the building," [Richard Dineen, director of the city's Department of Planning] said. "Ideally, to get both is what we'd love to do. We are trying to hold out for that."
Read the entire piece: Albuquerque landmarks along Route 66 face slow process to preservation

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