Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Starbucks for You Tonight - Not Yours

This evening, Starbucks will close its 7,100 U.S. Stores for a three hour training session designed to re-instill a sense of pride and professionalism that many observers have found to be lacking in recent years. Given newly enhanced competition offered by Dunkin' Donuts and even McDonalds (!), it ought to be time well spent.

In the New York Times Mike Nizza offered an appropriately philosophical note on this Night Without Starbucks:
On the practical end of the spectrum, freeloaders will lose thousands of dependable seats, bathrooms, internet access and CD’s of Bob Dylan’s favorite songs. On the spiritual end, the angst bred by Starbucks’ ubiquity will have a chance to recede for a moment, hopefully leading to an epiphany or two.
One change I've been told to expect is that Starbucks will begin to offer visitors their coffee in a ceramic mug rather than in that ugly to-go cup. I also heard that the company is planning to offer free wireless internet access, getting rid of its silly T-Mobile plan. It's a small but symbolic reminder that the company needs to go back to its roots: a place where you are invited to sit, chat, and maybe even work amidst the aroma of a temporary vacation.

Read the article: A Nation Briefly Without Starbucks

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LDS Kid said...

Well this should be a refreshing change considering the degradation of Starbucks in the last year or so. I still love the place but maybe they will learn how to finally take an order right the first time.