Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jericho Returns

All's right with the world: Jericho is back. As you may recall from previous posts, I'm a fan of the show set in post-apocalyptic Kansas. And I was bummed that CBS yanked the series despite its critical acclaim. So I waited eagerly for the show's return, reciting my standard mantra when expectation turns to reality: "Please don't suck." Last night affirmed my faith. The writers have subtly rebooted Jericho to move the show past the "what the hell just happened?" phase to the rebuilding phase.

The nation has been destroyed. What remains are squabbling regions and plenty of lawless places between the new capitals of the former United States. An Allied States of America has been organized with a new government based in Cheyenne, competing with other governments based in Columbus and San Antonio. The survivors of the attacks have been told that Iran and North Korea are to blame, and that these nations have been obliterated. But we know that a much scarier truth remains to be uncovered: The attacks were launched from within - and one of the ringleaders is running things from Cheyenne.

I love this show: squabbling of Mimi and Stanley, the civil war with New Bern, and the new presence of Esai Morales as a military commander who will likely be forced to choose between his conscience and the dictates of the new government. I can't wait to see what happens. Supposedly the seven episodes shot for Season Two are a chance to wrap up the series. Nuts to that. I'm hoping that CBS gets a clue and keeps this show on the air.

(Image borrowed from Wikipedia)

For now you can view the first episode ("Reconstruction") of Season 2 at the CBS Website.

Follow-up Check out a website for Jennings & Rall, the Haliburton-like contractor that seems to be running a lot of the postwar economy. I have no idea if this is a fan-site or a CBS para-site. But it's worth a look.


Jen White said...

Hey Andy! Love, love, love the blog. Chris turned me on to it. Can't wait to catch up on the happenings of your life (yeah, I'm jonesing for the weekly stories!).

I'm with ya on Jericho. Glad it's back, hope to hell is doesn't start to SUCK (can you say LOST?). In CO for WSCA, so looks like I'm gonna have to view it on the small, computer-mediated screen for now!

:::Throwing snowballs at you from Colorado:::



Andrew Wood said...

Glad you're digging the blog, Jen! Thanks for checking in.