Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mike Off

It's official. Michael Bloomberg knows that it's too late to take on Obama, so he's sitting this one out. Add last night's debate results, a swan song for the Clinton camp if there ever was one, and it seems pretty clear that this November will mark a battle between Obama and McCain. Who would have guessed it?


detroit dog said...

Any thoughts about a VP candidate? I'm suspecting that the Democrats won't be so liberal as to have a black man and a woman on the same ticket. (Though I'd like to be proven wrong.)

highway163 said...

Well, I imagine that Clinton would like some "heartland support," so I could see her choosing Ted Strickland, the dude nodding like a bobblehead during Clinton's recent "shame on you" moment. Obama is harder to guess. I see someone with obvious foreign policy gravatas, maybe a Sam Nunn-type. Biden would be perfect, but he's too loose with the quips. Of course, as you rightly note, who can guess in an election like this?