Friday, February 15, 2008

The Last Cat You'll Ever See

There's no news like old news, I know. But I haven't had a chance to post a link to this amazing article from The New England Journal of Medicine about a cat who can foresee a person's imminent death. I know Fridays should be filled with happy news, but this article, while somewhat morbid, is surprisingly sweet.

Read the whole article: A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat


Poetikat said...

I came across a reference to your blog on The Dog House blog and decided to check you out. Seeing a post about a cat intrigued me and I am surprised to find a reference to this little story as I wrote a poem about it last year. I thought you might like to read it here:

I would welcome your commentary.
Sincerely, Poetikat

Andrew Wood said...

Wow, that is a sweet poem, Poetikat. I love that last line, "To heed the Master's call." Great job.