Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Augmented Reality

Have you ever wished you could "right click" a person to learn more about them? One day, thanks to Augmented Reality, you may have that power. Since we're getting used to "marking ourselves up" thanks to Facebook, it seems like a natural progression that strangers will be able to peer beyond our clothes to gain insights into our predilections, whether they be musical, political, or sexual. How? Mobile phones or even special eyeglass lens can show us information embedded onto objects that we wear or even attach into/into our bodies.

Steve Mollman has written about this on CNN. Here's a snip:
Augmented reality (AR) -- or the "real world Web" -- has been listed by research firm Gartner as one of the most disruptive technologies companies could face over the next few years. The possibilities of AR are impressive.

During a heart transplant, identifier labels can be superimposed over the valves and chambers of a beating heart. On airplane factory floors, AR visors help electricians navigate complex mazes of wiring. Military minds dream up darker uses of AR.
Read the whole piece: The missing 'links': Looking towards an augmented reality


Mansi said...

Right click a person. Copy parts of their profile you like. Paste onto self.

Gosh -- just thinking about this highly likely scenario gives me the chills!

Andrew Wood said...

Nice dystopian vibe, Mansi!

Here's another: Downloadable personalities.

Can't get a date? Can't attract a second glance?

Download a full package of favorite books, smart movie selections, and safe political positions!

Embed a better you!

Mansi said...

I wonder how much a person will be able to claim of their "self" in the future. Original thought is on the decline already and it's only going to get worse with time...seems like the future will have to look to the past for stimulation, ingenuity and intrigue.

Andrew Wood said...

All the more reason to read Philip K. Dick's book, The Man in the High Castle. Here's a quote: "I am a mask, concealing the real. Behind me, hidden, actuality goes on, safe from prying eyes."

Mansi said...

Wow! Thanks for recommending the book, Andy. It's on my reading list now :)

detroit dog said...

Time to get out my x-ray specs!

This reminds me of a twilight zone episode. scary.