Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleeping in Airports

Sharon McDonnell writes in today's New York Times about the dearth of hotel vouchers being handed to stranded air travelers and the resulting reality that more folks are being forced to sleep in airports. Having had some personal experience with this topic, I was interested in McDonnell's take. Here's a snip:
"Airports range widely in what they offer overnight guests. The top-ranked airport at the Guide to Sleeping in Airports Web site for the last 10 years is Singapore Changi Airport. It has dimly lighted napping areas, where comfortable leather chairs have leg rests and headrests. Some are even fitted with alarm clocks. There are also cheap sleeping cubicles available for travelers."
Visiting Singapore's airport was, indeed, a key goal of my 2006 trip to Asia. And I can tell you: Changi is a swell airport - once you get through security.

Read the entire piece [Registration Required]: Snoozing at the Terminal

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