Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the Job, Everywhere

This is one of those ancient articles, a New York Times piece from November 20, 2007, that I've allowed to atrophy in my to-read queue. It's a piece by Susan Stellin, entitled "On the Job, Everywhere." I once thought it might end up quoted in my in-press book about omnitopia, but now I'm just happy to remove it from the pile.

The article discusses ways in which hotels, airports, and other similar environments are transforming themselves into nodes for the Work Anywhere/Anytime Generation, noting that business travelers expect one amenity over all others when moving through omnitopia: internet access. Along with that innovation, business hotels are working to install more outlets in more places, recognizing, for example, "that many travelers end up working on their computers in bed."

Airports, less rapidly, are also working to ensure that travelers can pack more work into every moment, even while waiting for a flight. To that end, many are offering power chargers and wireless options, even that most necessary of resources: silence. I was particularly interested in Dallas-Fort Worth's new (as of 2007) vending machines that sell noise-canceling headphones. All the more, the enclave is mobile.

Read the entire piece: On the Job, Everywhere

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