Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Space Solar Power

With all the discussion these days about the increasing costs of energy, it's cool to hear about a new idea that is both good for the environment and our economy: space-based solar power. Here's a snip from today's New York Times:
"A space solar power system would involve building large solar energy collectors in orbit around the Earth. These panels would collect far more energy than land-based units, which are hampered by weather, low angles of the sun in northern climes and, of course, the darkness of night.

Once collected, the solar energy would be safely beamed to Earth via wireless radio transmission, where it would be received by antennas near cities and other places where large amounts of power are used. The received energy would then be converted to electric power for distribution over the existing grid."
Read the entire piece: O. Glenn Smith (New York Times, July 23, 2008, registration required): Harvest the Sun -- From Space

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Jenny Wood said...

Sounds good to me! Let's get it going. Head that up, Andy.