Friday, August 19, 2011

Miniature Wonderland, Hamburg, Germany

As part of our European Grand Tour, Jenny and I queued up to see the world's largest model railroad in Hamburg, Germany: Miniature Wonderland, complete with a launching space shuttle, an airport (with flying planes), and even a neon South Beach! We could have stayed for hours, because every square inch seems to be packed with tiny details (Jenny's favorite part was the tiny hot tub at the bottom of a ski slope). And believe it or not, they're not done building this thing!

Official Site: Minatur Wunderland Hamburg


Trevor DeVincenzi said...

That's awesome! Should I find myself in Hamburg someday, I'll have to check it out. Now, where did I put my bucket list...?

Brett Lucas said...


That is a great video. I know of several others, who have been there, and they all have said the model railroad and attention to detail is amazing. Sounds like you had a great trip.