Friday, December 12, 2008

Barking Dog

Today I found myself standing once more at the Highway 17 bus station, waiting for the predictably late coach to arrive. Today it would be filled with dozens of extra passengers than normal, UCSC kids heading home for the holidays, hauling their gear to the train station. I boarded to a smell of pot smoke and cat pee. I had to smile.

Just a moment before, I heard a loud bark, followed by another and another. I looked down the road and saw a huge dog, a livestock dog, sticking his head out the window of a SUV. This dog was barking at the passing trees, barking at the passing cars, barking at the passing birds. His tail was awag and his eyes were bound open with excitement. This was one happy dog.

Ah, heck, the ride won't be that long.


detroit dog said...

Well, this was a happy and inspirational post to read today. Happiness in the smallest of things of life.

It momentarily took me away from my anger at the Grand Ole Party. Thank you.

Now, back to moodiness....

highway163 said...

Wow! Now your comment has added to my happiness! Watch out, we may create a positive vibe that cannot be controlled. :-)