Friday, February 27, 2009

Shameless Media Plug: San Jose Mercury News

Mike Cassidy, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, has written a kind piece about my new book City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia.

His essay focuses mainly on my 2004 "silent road trip," in which I flew to New York and drove back cross-country, getting gas, food, lodging, and other sundries while speaking a total of five words during the entire trip. He cites concepts from the book such as "anticipatory disengagement" and seemed to really catch the vision of what the omnitopia project is all about. He writes:
"It's our choice, of course, to build barricades of personal technology around ourselves. To wall ourselves off. To anticipatorily disengage. But it's a choice that we may well be unconsciously slipping into more often."
Read the entire piece: Finding our own little worlds has never been easier

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