Monday, May 25, 2009

L.A. Dingbats - Part 1

These photos are from my May trip to L.A. in search of Dingbat architecture. This afternoon survey (following a seven hour drive south from Scotts Valley) concentrated on the Palms neighborhood northwest of Culver City. A number of advisers told me about neighborhood streets composed almost solely of Dingbats, and their observations proved to be delightfully correct.

3632 Vinton Av

3816 Prospect Av

3820 Overland Av

10418 Culver Blvd

10418 Culver Blvd (detail)

4014-20 La Salle Av

3644 Watseka Av (detail)

3374 Overland Av (Note the name: "Crapi Apartments")

(Photographs by Andrew Wood)


Evan said...

I HAVE to go see the Crapi apartments now! I've never seen that before.

highway163 said...

Yeah, it's worth a drive.

I like to hope that it's a wonderful typo for "Capri." But it's hard to imagine a mistake that awesome...

Boomerang said...

I like to think that someone artfully changed the spelling as a personal comment or maybe, a warning. Great photos.

highway163 said...

I like your interpretation more than mine, Beth! :-)