Monday, August 16, 2010

Phuket: Day 14

Chaiya was our near-constant companion at Koh Naka Yai
Morning light broke over the distant hilly mountains right about six, and Jenny and I were thrilled to see the sunrise from our bed. Right then we were greeted by two visitors, Chaiya and her puppy, who waited outside the mosquito netting. They were positive that we'd prefer to be woken early to have time to pet them, and they were right. Our morning duties satisfied, we drifted back to sleep, waking a few hours later for a breakfast of fresh fruit and other tasty bites. It's a strange thing, being the only guests at a resort where everyone seems focused on your pleasures and comforts.

Close enough...
Lunch was another specially prepared meal, and it was genuinely good. But I had to admit to craving a candy bar. Normally I'd run out to a 7-11 -- they're almost everywhere in Thailand. Here, I'd be forced to hire a longboat back to Phuket. Luckily, some staffers were already in town across the bay picking up some supplies, and the resort owner was happy to call and ask them to hook me up. I felt giddy at the silliness of the whole thing. But what's a "luxury resort" without a little luxury?

Island wildlife
The afternoon was dedicated to lounging under the shade by the beach, though Jenny was a little more active; she took pictures of butterflies that flitted about. We also saw an impressively sized lizard, maybe a two-footer, scrounging for a meal while keeping a wary eye out for us. Otherwise we just relaxed. We'd sit for a while next to the beach; then we'd walk somewhere else, only to sit some more. There was nothing much else to do but look at the water, play with the dog, listen to music, and nap. Jenny recalls that this was the best nothing we've ever done.

This was supposed to be monsoon season...
The clouds were light and wispy, and I felt sorry for all the folks who would love to be here but chose not to risk the stories of constantly pouring rain. We'd not seen a drop. Jenny shook her head at the absurdity of my repeated wish: "It's got to rain sometime, doesn't it?" It was such a lovely day. Evening returned us to dinner in the open-air restaurant where wireless computer access is available during the few hours that the resort's generator cranks up electrical power.

View from our outdoor shower
Washing off mosquito repellant in our outdoor shower, we settled for another night of a battery-powered fan and the singing of natural nightlife. I dreamed of strange and vaguely scary things but knew I was somewhere as safe and comfortable as I'd ever seen in my life.

Island sunset
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