Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook Timeline Movie

As Facebook rolls out its new interface to a wary public, the company has teamed up with a marketing agency called Definition 6 to enable the creation of a brief video that transforms some of your pictures and stories into a commercial (both for you and for the companies involved).

Yeah, the whole thing is self-indulgent, maybe even a little creepy [in an earlier version of the movie, Facebook automatically selected a map showing where I live, followed by a picture of my house]. But when you see your own first draft, you'll want to start editing and tweaking. The video-app doesn't allow much customization, but the result is still kind of cool.

I uploaded this video because most people won't go through the initial clicking process until they see what one of these things look like [I used Snapz Pro to grab the video; any glitchiness comes from the conversion process]. So check out the video and then go get your own:

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