Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rome: Ostiense Neighborhood Street Art [2 of 2]

Here are some more pix of Ostiense neighborhood street art.

Gaia's Il Piccone Demolitore e Risanatore ("The Wrecker Pick and Healing")
Via Ostiense, 335 [GMap] • Installation video
Via Ostiense underpass [GMap]
Gaucholadri, Fuga de capitales
Via Ostiense underpass [GMap]
Percy Shelley, Via Ostiense underpass [GMaps]
Via Ostiense, 349 [GMap]
Guy Denning's “Di, di se questo é vero” [GMap]
Based on Dante's Inferno Canto 31
Street Art News post about installation
Via Gaspare Gozzi, 33 [GMap]
Via Gaspare Gozzi, 33 [GMap]
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Learn more

• B(e)Local: Street artists dream team: Post about Via Ostiense underpass

Sites to visit

• Blu's “Alexis” at Via Ostiense 124 [GMap]

• Roberto Perrella's images of Quadraro district

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