Monday, July 28, 2014

San Francisco Street Art

Pix from a July 2014 visit to Clarion Alley, Balmy Alley and the Tenderloin...

Balmy Street mural [GMap]
Balmy Street mural [detail]
79-99 Balmy Street [GMap]
79-99 Balmy Street [GMap]
79-99 Balmy Street [GMap]
Carnival - 3195 24th Street [GMap]
"Narcania vs Death" - Clarion Alley [GMap]
"I believe..." - Clarion Alley [GMap]
"Bomb condos" - Clarion Alley [GMap]
"Fear Head" - 56 Golden Gate Avenue [GMap]
18 Sycamore Street [GMap]
~1250 Valencia Street [GMap]
Sirron Norris' "Victorion: Protector of the Mission" - Balmy Street [GMap]
"Victorion" detail
"Victorion" detail
"Victorion" detail
[Check out more pix from August...]

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