Saturday, January 31, 2015

Minsk: It's the Little Things - Part 1

Struggling to find the perfect combination of open-window cold and overly-toasty warmth in my apartment.

Adding pins to the map of Minsk hanging in my bedroom to remind me of places I've visited.

Thrilling to discover a dude selling keychain flashlights in the Instytut Kuĺtury metro station, knowing that I can now climb the four flights of stairs to my flat in something other than total darkness.

Weaving my way into a spot at the long table outside the market near my apartment, sipping an espresso with cognac and wishing I'd remembered to bring a plastic bag for my groceries.

Searching for a 20,000 Belarusian Ruble note to share my (admittedly modest) appreciation for the young woman belting out a romantic song in a cold underpass.

Thanking the good lord that the underground mall includes a guy who sells (and installs) zipper handles.

Getting used to the fact that the check-out lady at my local market will fish through my wallet in search of smaller bills when I try to pay with a 100,000 Ruble note.

Feeling guilty that I bought a pipe and some cherry tobacco - but really enjoying the warmth they provide while I walk the snowy boulevard home.

Wondering when I will accept the kind invitation of the office manager to make me some tea or coffee while taking a break from class.

Asking the heavens above who on earth thought it'd be a good idea to swirl Mayonnaise all over my otherwise hot and tasty pizza.


Vienna said...

What an awesome portrait of the details! Those are the things that make a trip really memorable. Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope to see more!

highway163 said...

Thanks, Vienna! PS: I found a perfect souvenir for you. :-)

AMT said...

Hi Andy - wow! What a great post! Love the details. I keep expecting to see you in the hall in HGH, so it's nice to check in and get a sense of your daily life in Minsk!

highway163 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, AMT! I'll keep 'em coming. :-)