Thursday, October 2, 2008

Video Blog-Post: Watching the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate

This video blog-post lays out three possible criteria for evaluating tonight's debate. To view the video, either click the image above or the link below. Either way, please select "watch in high quality" to get the best possible image:

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Jenny Wood said...

Good job, Andy! I know it's important to watch these debates critically so that we can vote for the best candidate and you give some good criteria to do that. I think my criteria would be a bit different but we all base our decisions on different things. I'm going to be looking for understanding and wisdom - judgement ability. I'll also look for competence and yes, ideals. For me competence is most important but if both have that, then I go to ideals and will this person represent my views and take the country in the direction I think it should go. Thanks for provitiding this forum for discussion! I hope others comment on what they'll look for.