Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting for Apple (again)

Apple will unveil its new tablet device tomorrow, and gadget freaks shall rejoice - or cringe.

For months, the insanely secretive company has dribbled out rumors and strategic half-truths: The tablet will rescue the newspaper industry! The tablet will be a gamer's paradise! The tablet will create an entirely new consumer need! The tablet will cost between $700 and $1000...

Leaked schematics, faked prototypes, and breathless reports of insider information - Did you hear? A Chinese supplier of widget covers reports that they're creating a new antigravity polymer that can bend time and deep-fry ice cream! - have led finally to the imminent launch of the iPad (or iSlate or iTablet or iWhatever).

As someone all too easily prone to overdoing my enthusiasm for this kind of thing, I'm forced to remember previous media frenzies that fizzled. I'm looking at YOU, Segway. And YOU, Windows Vista. And don't think you can hide your shame, Snakes on a Plane.

Still, it's kind of cool to finally see what Steve Jobs, expressing himself in typical understatement, has announced as "the most important thing I've ever done" (better hide that "World's Greatest Dad" mug, Steve). Fact is, if any company can change everything, it's, well -

Yeah, I'll be hanging on every word tomorrow.

Update: ...And then, tomorrow came!

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Carol said...

Shawn and I are kinda geeking out in anticipation of the announcement.