Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shanghai Expo: Early Reports

So far, Shanghai's Expo 2010 is opening pretty much like every other world fair: tales of nightmarish lines, cranky visitors, screwed up ticketing systems, and unfinished buildings.

Jenny and I are visiting in August, expecting even fiercer heat but hoping for more organized chaos. We can't wait to see some of those cool (and sadly temporary) exhibit buildings [Learn more: Decoding the Pavilion Architecture of Shanghai World Expo 2010].

In the meantime, we can prepare for this (as told by CNN blogger Emily Chang):
"As the clock struck noon, temperatures turned sweltering and some people just gave up. Children pouted with ice cream while their parents scanned maps to figure out how to get from Nepal to the Netherlands. Grown-ups slouched on benches, holding their jackets and free maps over their heads for shade."
Read the whole story: World Expo Fatigue sets in early

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