Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Travel Plans

As the academic year comes to a merciful close, I look forward to some much needed summer travel. I thought I'd share these tentative plans in hopes that you share some advice about any of these locations. In many cases, these destinations represent first-time visits for me, so I'll appreciate all the travel tips I can receive.

California 395: Taking a few days to drive down California's eastern border. My plan is to check out the Bodie ghost town and search for cool neon signs heading south. I might make it as far south as Death Valley before heading back through the Central Valley. A quick drive just to clear my head.

Florida: This is a well-practiced family trip for Jenny and I. We're heading to Miami's South Beach and doing a day at Disney (staying at the Contemporary Resort, a longtime dream). Best of all, we're also catching up with friends and family. We go once every year or so and have got this trip pretty well memorized.

Carmel: Overnight trip to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. Planning to hike along Point Lobos and search for sea lions. Our hotel will be the oddly named Tickle Pink Inn.

Salzburg and Vienna: Returning to Europe for the first time in twenty years to attend the Salzburg Global Seminar as a SJSU Fellow. Thereafter, I plan to spend about three days tooling around Austria. No specific destinations yet.

China and Thailand: This is our summer's big trip: Jenny and I will visit Shanghai to check out Expo 2010, hopefully the inspiration for a forthcoming article. We're also planning a quick excursion to Hangzhou. Then we're off to Thailand (assuming the protest-situation there doesn't deteriorate much further). We plan to see the sights in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. Yes, the weather's likely to get hot and sticky, but we don't care.

So, that's the tentative plan this summer. Along with a Public Speaking course I'm scheduled to offer [canceled, it turned out] and the hopes that I'll start a new writing project, the next three months promise to be quite busy!

I'll post lots of follow-ups.

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