Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beijing 2012 - Day 1 (Arrival)

After a 12 hour (or so) flight, we're here at last! Worn out but happy, and our arrival, transfers, and hotel check-in accomplished with no major hassles. For me, it feels like parachuting into an unknown country, having to master the terrain almost immediately. I've been here before; I even co-led a larger group of students to China last year. But there's nothing quite like being alone, far from home, expected to have the answers.

There are materials to distribute, internet problems to solve, and rooms to assign, even as I just want a shower and a chance to sleep. Oh, and since Air China serves a lousy inflight meal, we need some dinner! A few of us visit campus (about a 15 minute walk from our hotel) to share a meal, navigating a rowdy but friendly cafeteria set-up. It's drizzly and hot and sticky. And we're all bone-tired. Tomorrow is our orientation day, a chance to acclimate ourselves to the campus and to Beijing's metro system. Then the fun really begins...

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