Friday, August 31, 2012

Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

I can't believe I skipped this during my last trip to Beijing!

Check out Debra Bruno's review of the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall. My favorite quotes:

"Try not to focus too long on the soaring music and the sense that a futuristic Beijing looks like Shangri-la mixed with Disney World’s Main Street. One 3D film on the city predicted that one day, 'from anywhere in the city you can find a green space within 500 meters to reconnect with nature.' Judging from the sight of 'the big gray' today, that’s an optimistic vision."

"Even with these costs, it's hard not to feel a little charmed by the planners' vision for a 'harmonious' city where cars move smoothly, trees line actual sidewalks (try finding an actual sidewalk in some parts of the city), and low-flow Western flush toilets grace every apartment and hutong home. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress couldn’t have done it better."

I've got to get back to Beijing soon...

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