Monday, August 27, 2012

North Korean Murals (Part 1 of 2)

During my recent trip to the DPRK, I was drawn to the country's posters and billboards. In Pyongyang you'll find only one large-scale product advertisement, but you'll find countless examples of eye-catching propaganda extolling the virtues of the Workers' Party of Korea (and, of course, the Kim family).

[A note on translations: These are quickly rendered interpretations from a local guide. They have not yet been checked for accuracy.]

"Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung will always be with us."

Left: "We strengthen the single-hearted unity of the 10 million people
and army-men around the headquarters of our revolution!"
Right: "Go forward for the upsurge under the banner of three revolutions!" 

Kim Il Sung poster in Pyongyang

"Let's become a youth hero in the worthwhile struggle
to glorify the Kim Jung Il era!"

At entrance to Moranbong Senior Middle School

On second floor of Moranbong Senior Middle School

"Push hard/great upsurge for the new victory
under the guidance of the party!"

"Long live great victory of Songun Politics!"

"Go forward for the final victory
under the guidance of the great party!"

"Korea is one!"

Translations are approximate. All images © Andrew Wood.

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