Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Minsk: It's the Little Things - Part 2

Gazing upon all those fur hats and thinking I've wandered onto the set of Dr. Zhivago.

Placing my money on a tray to pay for things at the market, and receiving change the same way.

Getting a little weirded out if a restaurant server takes the time to ask if I enjoyed the meal.

Reading signs advertisements that attempt social engineering on metro station doors: "Don't Worry, Be happy," "A Smile Suits you," and the usefully direct, "Please Smile."

Practicing mnemonic techniques to remember Cyrillic characters ("ch" is an upside down chair… "z" is the number 3, like the three slashes of Zorro, etc.)

[Almost] never hearing an American accent.

Accepting the lack of a single Starbucks in the entire country.

Seeing signs for the currency exchange rate everywhere - and thinking much more deeply about the impact of international events on the local economy than I ever did back home.

Getting into the rhythm of collective clapping at the conclusion of an opera.

Knowing that this brand of vodka exists (and wondering just how I'll get the bottle through customs).

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Hannah said...

Great details. They make me smile. Except maybe the economy one. That made me think, too.

Thanks for sharing about your trip, keep the posts coming!