Sunday, July 3, 2016

France: Parisian drizzle

While I didn’t write a formal blog post for my Summer 2016 European adventures, I thought it’d be fun to share some memories I initially stored on Facebook.

A slightly drizzly day in Paris is still, well, a day in Paris. After our early afternoon nap we headed out to chase the Green Fairy at La Fée Verte. Jenny, of course, abstained from absinthe but kept a close eye as I started feeling that my ear was hanging a bit too low. We then ducked into a pastry shop for some macarons and meringue, which we carried for a leisurely stroll to the metro that, following lots of twists and turns, brought us to the Panthéon, where we communed with Voltaire and Rousseau. Then we headed to Jardin Du Luxembourg for an early evening concert of Chopin. Dinner was light, a selection of appetizers and cocktails at Georgette (again, Jenny opted for hot chocolate instead of what is arguably the best Manhattan I’ve ever enjoyed). Now we’re back in our little hotel room, plotting tomorrow’s adventures in la Ville Lumière.

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