Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Travels - 2017: Slovenia Road Trip (Part 1)

One of those wonderful days… Woke up to rippling grey skies and buckets of rain but grabbed a rental car anyway, and I’m glad I did. By mid-afternoon, I’d joined a tour of Škocjan Caves, quickly made awestruck by the towering caverns and the twisting walkways lit up in orange - and more than a little sweaty by the hike up and out of the gorge.

I then made my way a bit further south to Piran on the Adriatic, climbing to St. George's Parish Church and then ordering up pizza by the beach under a blazing blue sky. Ahh, Piran: a slice of Venice in Slovenia (without the Venetian tourist prices). I must say, the highlight of the day was the chance to dip my feet into a tank of Garra Rufa (aka “doctor fish”) who ravished my feet of dead skin, tickling me for about a half hour and leaving me afterward wishing I didn’t have to put my socks and shoes back on.

Now I’m at my abode for the night, Guest House Pod Slavnikom, sort of a roadhouse well away from the beach traffic, with its own bar serving up plenty of Laško to celebrate a delightful day on the road. Now the clouds are returning, purple, pink, and bulging with rain. Such a lovely breeze.

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