Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Travels - 2017: Welcome to Slovenia!

I love it when a city starts to knit itself together. Thanks to Dennis Jaehne (and Jenny!), I’m getting my head around the bus system and developing a set of landmarks to guide my paths. The building that looks like an “escalator to nowhere” is always a handy waypoint, and I’m finally coming to understand the importance of Plato’s as a central jumping off point. It’s funny when someone routinely refers to a landmark, and you know it’s important, but you can’t latch onto it until you need it. Now I see what Dennis meant!

That’s pretty much a theme here, gratitude for his advice that I add Slovenia to my repertoire of experiences. Ljubljana is perfectly lovely: a safe, laid-back river-town with promenades perfect for al fresco dining, a bicycler’s paradise, and a city quite friendly for visitors who only speak English. Oh, and the prices for food, drink, and trinkets are amazingly reasonable. What's more, as a bus and train hub, Ljubljana allows easy access to some other gorgeous places, near and far.

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