Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fun Post - Carry On Wayward Son

I was mildly stressed today that I had nothing to post. I've spent so long working on the Route 66 website that I haven't really resurfaced to think of new ideas. This morning I figured I'd upload some link and commentary about Iran, the "Axis of Evil" member that seems once again to be looming in U.S. military sights. But I just couldn't right something so heavy today. Perhaps I'd post nothing at all. Few people wait urgently for my little missives. That was my thinking anyway.

Then I saw this YouTube video, which is recommended by Diablo Cody in this week's Entertainment Weekly. For folks who remember rockin' in the seventies and eighties, hearing a ten-year-old kid kick ass on Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" is just too cool to miss. So here it is.

Now, my Friday can begin...


detroit dog said...

While I can't say that I urgently await your "little missives," I can say that I do like to check in on each new post.

BTW, suggestion for your earlier post: carry a bottle of water on the road. My car's air conditioning once gave out just about the time the freeway was closed for several hours due to an accident. Since it was in "the middle of nowhere," there was no escaping it. Almost had heatstroke.

highway163 said...

Thanks, DD. I appreciate your note. And you're 100% right on the bottled water idea! You never think you need it - until you really, really do.