Monday, August 10, 2009

Pennsylvania Car Guys

While on our New England Diner Tour (story to be posted as I sort through hundreds of pictures) Jenny spotted the ultimate proof that my search for Car Guys is divinely inspired. You remember Car Guys, right? Those angular, solid-color, no-nonsense graphics that typically help lead people to old auto repair shops? Well, it turns out they also lead folks to Jesus, as illustrated by "Car Guy Christ," found in northern Philly. As with all other Car Guys, Car Guy Christ is sharp, simple, and tough; you wouldn't want to pray to Him in a dark alley. Oh, and while Car Guys and Car Gals don't go in for seeing doctors - unless something's broken or gushing - they apparently like chiropractors (see example below from Matamoras, PA). It makes sense, I suppose. Got a problem with your back? Wrench it!

By the way, having found Car Guy Christ and Car Guy Chiropractor I'm sure that my journey will one day take me to the Car Guy Pool Player I saw once but failed to photograph. Any hints on where he might be? Please post a comment.

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