Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Andrew Frazier Wood

It's a presumptuous thing, I know, to think about my autobiography when there's so much left for me to do. It's all the more presumptuous to imagine that anyone would care to learn about my background, formative experiences, and recent adventures.

Generally I'm sure that my friends are satisfied to read an occasional Wood Family road trip summary, or to hear about holidays we've shared [these two links lead to collections of every blog post I've written with those tags]. And any Facebook pal can view an album of photographs of me through the years. Still, I thought it might be useful for me to organize some of the autobiographical blog notes I've written. If anything, this collection inspires me to consider: What have I missed?

As time allows I plan to expand (and maybe prune) this collection of links, maybe even to add annotations to help folks interpret my occasionally vague titles. For now, consider this page as a placeholder for a project that, given the topic, will take a lifetime to complete. Have you created a similar space to organize the notes of your life? Send a link; I'd love to see it!


25 Not-So-Random Things about Andrew Wood

StrengthsQuest Personality Profile

What I Wish I Knew

Becoming a Frazier



More Alive at 45

Early Life

Memories of my Grandfather

Talking about Suicide

Florida Dinosaur

Waffle House Memories - 3

Star Wars - Thirty Years Later

Fast Times at Countryside Mall

Navy Days

NBS Det Rota: Seabee Training

NBS Det Rota: Marine Training

NBS Det Rota: Pumpkins for Sale!

NBS Det Rota: Hiring Freeze

NBS Det Rota: Commissioning a Spanish Flagship

Reserve Duty and McDonald's Sweet Tea

College Memories

Teachers that Matter

Slow Looking

Every Poet is a Thief

Adventures in College Forensics

Remember your First Time?

Professional life

Heading for San Diego

Last Call at the All-You-Can-Eat Academy

At Last

Pushing the Pile

Salzburg Stories

2012 Sabbatical Success

Seven Days in the DPRK

2015 Fulbright 

Married Life

20th Anniversary

She's Right on Time

Yearly Summary



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Unknown said...

Hello Andrew, My name is Pete and I was going thru some of my Aunts papers as she passed away 2 years ago and I came across a menu from Bradley's 5 and 10 from 1939 I thought you might be interested

Tim the D. said...

Hi Andrew there is an article about the heidelberg project that inculdes my art work the article is a few years old yet i would still like credit for my art work my name is Tim Burke i own the house that you have posted on the page about the heidelberg project my business my name and phone number on on the big giant sign on front of the house it reads detroit industrial gallery with my name and phone number on it. also the smoke crack responsibley work is mine and yet no credit given to me for my work i have had that house as my studio for the last 14 years many people have now pined the image of my house all over pinterest and no mention of me Detroit artist Tim Burke. please help me by correcting this. thanks Tim Burke

highway163 said...

Mr. Burke,

I am delighted to indicate your ownership of this artwork, and I have done so on the following website:

Please let me know if I missed any of your pieces. I'm happy to add credits where they are needed.

Thank you for sharing your vision with the world.