Monday, October 29, 2012

Beijing Signs

That's it (for now): My last collection of Beijing photos! Today's post features signs I found this summer in China. I'm not interested in their error-prone translation from Mandarin to English as much as their earnest efforts to infuse even the most banal environments with relentless community spirt.

"May we remind you: Please [use] self-restraint and be a good tourist
to meld a well-mannered imagination."

"The police points out: Harmonious safety check, together build safety."

"The police point out: For your and everybody's [safety],
please accept safety check!"

"Patriotism Innovation Inclusiveness Virtue"
[Then-ubiquitous Beijing slogan - critiqued in this IHT opinion piece]

I have no idea what this says.
Any translation help is much appreciated.

Again, any translation help is much appreciated.

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