Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beijing 2012 - Day 13 (Xihuan Square and CJFH)

Today revealed more blue skies, which meant more opportunities to explore Beijing. I started with a quick metro ride to Xihuan Square, a trio of oval towers whose remarkable design inspired Yi Feng to write an essay entitled, "Tradition and Postmodernism: The Xihuan Plaza and the Ancient City Gate," and having visited this site, I have to agree: Anyone interested in Beijing's most memorable contemporary architecture should come to Xihuan Square at least once.

Later on I headed to Huixinxijie Nankou Station [Exit C] where I stumbled around for a couple hours, searching for a collection of street art supposedly near
 the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. As usual, I got lost, and the burning heat seemed to dull my navigation sense. But I found a few folks willing to tolerate my clueless inquiries and, little by little, I found my destination [Check out the pix]. A quiet and focused day: Just what I needed!

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