Saturday, August 4, 2007

Road Trip Essentials - Part 2

Here's a follow-up to Road Trip Essentials: five more can't-miss cross-country experiences.

Cradle a steaming cup of coffee and eat a piece of cherry pie at a small-town diner late at night. Try the Hunter Dinerant in Auburn, New York.

Take a lonely walk on an empty highway in northern Nevada. Have your friend park a mile up the road, around a curve, and wait as you trudge the desert road with only your footsteps for company.

Sleep in a shotgun shack. Don't pass through Mississippi without renting a room at the Shack Up Inn near the Highway 61-49 crossroads in Clarksdale. I can recommend the Pinetop Shack.

Eat a lobster roll in Maine. Travel Highway 1 in search of that sublime concoction of lobster meat and mayonnaise in a grilled hotdog bun. Don't forget a squirt of lemon. Even if you hate mayo, you'll love a lobster roll.

Spend a year gathering the ultimate road trip playlist. Aim for older stuff: dinosaur rock, folk, blues, and some jazz. Better yet, create a night-driving list for when you've passed midnight have two more hours to go. On a good road trip, this should happen at least once.

More to come, eventually...

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