Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wood Family BBQ Tour - Online!

We have returned from two weeks of sumptuous BBQ and goofy adventures throughout the Deep South.

The 2007 Wood Family Southern Routes BBQ Tour included a visit to New Orleans and the Gulf States region, hang gliding lessons in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and even a night in a Mississippi shotgun shack. Along the way, we discovered the best brisket and ribs we've ever eaten.

If you'd like to retrace our steps over 4,500 miles, 15 days, and 21 BBQ stops, point your browser to:

You'll find plenty of stories and about 100 photos.

Check it out!

PS: If you spot any spelling errors or other typos, please feel free to let me know at:

wooda AT email DOT sjsu DOT edu

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